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With a current orchid obsession and an appreciation of perfectly positioned rock crevices, I've created my own little ode to nature's sterling design.

My boyfriend creates wonderful paintings on plywood and has a fondness for hoarding offcuts.  From a desire to celebrate the vajayjay and also prevent the offcuts from taking over, my art series of vulvas were born.  

There are currently five vulvas in the series (The Duchess/Belinda/Giselle/Maeve/Bella) with a sweet tip-of-the-hat to a favourite podcast of mine (*wink/blink*).  I found myself visiting some strangely, wonderful corners of the internet in the research phase of the project, leaving with a colourful browser history and a super confused advertisement algorithm. I thought this would be a simple 'shapes/colours/sizes' fact-finding mission but instead I embarked upon an incredible educational journey that I'd happily recommend others to follow :)